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Resilience scan 2014

Research report

Written by Aditya Bahadur, Thomas Tanner, Catherine Simonet

Research report

​This 'scan' summarises developments in the field of resilience during 2014: in thinking and practice.

The summaries focus on:

  1. Insights from renowned resilience experts; 
  2. A review of academic literature from 2014;
  3. Recommended blogs and twitter feeds; 
  4. A calendar of key resilience events. 

The resilience revolution in international development covers both actions and people working across a wide range of sectors and contexts. 

Much of the emerging literature focuses on testing and refining operational approaches to resilience, although challenges remain in turning some trickier resilience concepts, such as interdependent systems and complexity, into practice.

The scan will be of interest for those implementing resilience projects and policies, seeking summaries of debates about resilience thinking, and those seeking guidance on where to find the latest blogs, opinion- pieces and events.​ ​

Thomas Tanner, Aditya Bahadur, Catherine Simonet and Hannah Betts