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Repeat after me: Communicate, disseminate and support take-up!

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Written by Alexandra Warner

There are a number of reasons why evaluation communication should not be an afterthought. Communication can be intensely linked to utilisation. It’s simple, if people cannot find your report, they cannot use it. Many organisations, from a range of ALNAP constituencies, are investing in improving their evaluation databases. 

Yet, communication and dissemination is much broader than just sharing your report. It is important to make it easy for these busy individuals to identify and use the information, findings and recommendations that are applicable to them. Don’t forget that it is not only how you communicate, but also what you communicate and how much. Do key stakeholders want stories or numbers, detailed case studies or snappy summaries? Could agency’s expectations be included in the ToR? 

Once you have a better idea of what you are communicating, you can look at the how. And this can and should go far beyond a good executive summary!

Think outside the box, evaluations can be fun!

Alexandra Warner