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Reducing the risk of protracted and multiple disaster displacements in Asia-Pacific

Research report

Written by Katie Peters, Emma Lovell

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This report explores multiple and protracted displacements caused by natural hazard-related disasters in Asia-Pacific, including those influenced by climate change and climate variability. It unearths the underlying risk drivers of natural hazard-related disaster displacement and the factors that influence whether these disaster displacements become multiple and/or protracted. 

The report argues that preventing protracted and/or multiple disaster displacements requires a spectrum of actions, including contingency planning by national and sub-national disaster management agencies and humanitarian agencies, consideration of protection needs – particularly for hazard-related disasters in conflict contexts – and long-term developmental processes that are risk-informed and lay the foundations to secure and uphold basic human rights. Advancing understanding and political action on protracted and multiple disaster displacements thus provides an opportunity to devise aligned responses involving humanitarian, development and peace expertise, which in turn will help people to achieve durable solutions and reduce the risk of displacement becoming protracted or repeated. The report was produced in partnership with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).

Katie Peters and Emma Lovell

Corrected online 1 July 2020: an error in the acknowledgements has been amended.

Published online 5 May 2020.