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Rebuilding adolescent girls' lives: mental health and psychosocial support in conflict-affected Gaza, Liberia and Sri Lanka, synthesis report research tools

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Written by Fiona Samuels, Nicola Jones

​This study explored the linkages between mental health, psychosocial wellbeing and social norms in the fragile and post-conflict settings of Gaza, Liberia and Sri Lanka with a particular focus on adolescent girls (10-19 years). In particular, the study explored the extent to which services and community and household responses to mental health and psychosocial problems in these settings are sufficiently informed by an understanding of the context, as well as gender inequalities and dynamics, and social norms. This output details the data collection instruments relating to the ReBUILD synthesis report with the same title.
Fiona Samuels, Nicola Jones, Bassam Abu Hamad, Janice Cooper, Ananda Galappatti