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PRSP Institutionalisation Study: Final Report. Chapter 7: Institutionalising the PRSP Approach in Mozambique

Research reports

This study seeks to identify important issues related to the PARPA, particularly regarding institutional change. Since the PARPA process is young but institutional change takes time, no firm conclusions, however, can be reached. Instead this study seeks to identify some trends, point to some strengths and weaknesses of the process so far, and present some hypotheses about likely future developments.

The study is based on a review of the literature, including government strategy and policy documents, interviews with a wide range of stakeholders, and seminars to discuss preliminary findings with various stakeholders. The authors have tried their best to balance the sometimes widely divergent views of different stakeholders, and to avoid letting their own bias influence the conclusions. The findings of this report are thus not of an exact scientific nature, but must be understood as a modest input to the ongoing debate surrounding the PARPA/PRSP process.  

Hans Falck, Kåre Landfald