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Projecting progress: are cities on track to achieve the SDGs by 2030?

Research report

Written by Paula Lucci, Amina Khan, Tanvi Bhatkal

Research report

This report explores for the first time the scale of the challenge for 20 cities across the world to reach selected targets set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

More than half of the targets included will require a profound acceleration of efforts if they are to be achieved by the majority of selected cities.

Targets that are not on course to be met by the majority of cities studied include ending child malnutrition, achieving full and productive female employment, access to adequate housing and access to drinking water and sanitation.

The report makes a series of recommendations to increase progress towards the SDGs, including:

  • Central governments and donors should work to strengthen local governments’ capacities.
  • Government and city administrations should invest more in ways to monitor progress on the SDGs.
  • Statistical offices’ and cities’ information systems should improve the data available.
Paula Lucci, Amina Khan, Christopher Hoy and Tanvi Bhatkal