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Progress on Harmonisation and Alignment in the UK

Research report

Research report

This paper is part of a series synthesizing work on PRSPs; aid modalities; and aid harmonisation to encourage dialogue between UK and Japanese researchers on these issues.

This paper sets out UK perspectives on the issues of harmonization and alignment in the context of the run-up to the Paris High-Level Forum. The first section presents a brief outline of what is meant by harmonization and alignment. The second section sets out actions that DFID is currently taking in pursuit of this agenda in relation to both its own bilateral programme and multilateral platforms. The third section presents a brief summary of African recipients’ perspectives on progress so far. The fourth section sets out factors that are either contributing to or hindering DFID’s engagement with this agenda. The paper ends with a short conclusion including some forward-looking conclusions regarding the Paris High-Level Forum and beyond.

Debbie Warrener and Emily Perkin