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Private climate finance in Sub-Saharan Africa: mapping incentives and investment

Working paper

Written by Shelagh Whitley, Ilmi Granoff, Sam Pickard, Aidy Halimanjaya

Working paper

There is widespread acceptance that significant increases in financial resources are needed to help countries undertake climate compatible development (CCD), that a significant portion of such resources is expected in the form of private sector investment, and that public finance and incentives shape such investment.

There is however, little global - let alone regional - data on private investment in CCD beyond that to renewable energy. This paper applies a methodology to address this data gap and to support greater understanding of the role of public incentives in shaping private investment in climate relevant sectors (See Whitley, 2014).

Because of the granularity needed to understand private investment choices as they relate to CCD, the paper focuses on lessons learned from analysis of four countries and two sectors: Uganda and Namibia’s energy sectors and Zambia and Tanzania’s agricultural sectors.

Shelagh Whitley, Ilmi Granoff, Emilio Chiofalo, Aidy Halimanjaya and Sam Pickard