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Prindex comparative report

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Written by Joseph Feyertag, Ian Langdown, Anna Locke

Hero image description: A busy craftsman in his studio Image credit:© Clark Young/Unsplash Image license:© Clark Young/Unsplash

With data from nearly 53,000 individuals in 33 countries, representing a combined population of over 889 million adults, this latest round of Prindex data collection presents the clearest, most definitive picture of how secure people around the world feel in their homes and property.

It is the largest dataset of its kind and includes the first high-income country in the Prindex sample, the United Kingdom. These findings tell us how secure people feel about their land and property rights in those countries, providing a launch pad for deepening and intensifying processes of policy review and reform around the world.

A busy craftsman in his studio
Joseph Feyertag, Ian Langdown and Anna Locke