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Poverty and Transport

Research reports

Written by David Booth

This is the report of a study commissioned by the World Bank and DFID as an input into current thinking on the selection of instruments for inclusion in poverty reduction strategies. The report contains the results of a survey of issues and evidence on the actual and potential contributions of the transport “sector” – or the field of possible transport interventions – to poverty reduction at the country level. It is not a contribution to specialist transport research or operational work, but an initial “take” on transport-and-poverty issues by a multi-disciplinary team of applied poverty researchers.

The study draws on a comprehensive search of published and grey literature in the relevant fields, with special emphasis on the interface between transport studies and topics linked to poverty or the livelihoods of poor people. It benefited  from the generous cooperation of a number of distinguished transport specialists, who helped to guide the literature search and contributed ideas and feedback.

The analytical approach adopted begins by exploring points of entry for transport conditions in a multi-dimensional conceptualisation of poverty. The sustainable livelihoods framework is then used to identify different ways in which transport interventions and policies might contribute to improved conditions for poor people in developing countries.

David Booth, Lucia Hanmer and Elizabeth Lovell