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Policy Entrepreneurship for Poverty Reduction: Bridging Research and Policy in International Development

Book/book chapter

Written by Simon Maxwell

Book/book chapter

International development is characterized by a concern for praxis, the union of theory and practice. But bridging research and policy is harder than it looks. This book focuses on two key questions: What factors affect the influence research has on policy and practice in international development? How can we bridge research and policy more effectively for poverty reduction? Edited by Julius Court and Simon Maxwell, this book features papers by leading policymakers and illustrates the value of existing frameworks and also adds new lessons: the need for donors and research foundations to foster research capacity and to protect it from political interference; the need for researchers to use detailed case materials in order to inform high-level policy debates within and across national boundaries, often by working in cross-country teams; the importance of presenting research results.

Julius Court and Simon Maxwell (eds)