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Parliamentary Strengthening and the Paris Principles: Uganda case study

Working papers

In theory, parliaments are one of the key institutions of democracy, playing an important role in terms of legislation, oversight and representation. Regrettably, in many developing countries – as well as in many developed countries – parliaments are weak, ineffective and marginalised.

This report is one component of a research project on “Parliamentary strengthening and the Paris Principles”.It looks in detail at politics, democracy and parliament and the landscape of parliamentary strengthening with regards to Uganda.

The overall aim of the project is to generate better evidence about parliamentary strengthening, in order to inform decisions about whether and how to provide support to parliaments in developing countries. The project – a collaboration between ODI and the Parliamentary Centre, with funding provided by DFID and CIDA – has involved four country case studies; Cambodia, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda. The vantage point taken for our analysis is that of the Paris Principles on Aid Effectiveness.

Dr. Anthony Tsekpo and Dr. Alan Hudson