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Operational Security Management in Violent Environments (Revised Edition)

Research reports

This paper offers a systematic step-by-step approach to security management starting from context analysis, threat and risk assessment through to security strategy choice and security planning. It reviews major types of threats (battlefield survival, vehicle safety, site security, sexual assault, abduction and kidnapping etc), preventative measures, plus guidelines for survival and incident management. The importance of incident analysis and better exchange of security information between agencies is also explored. Finally a number of crosscutting themes are explored, that are relevant to risk control such as personal and team competency, clarity towards national staff, good communications, briefing and training etc. The annexes provide additional information, for example on legal protection of aid workers, private security companies, the UN security management system, insurance cover etc. The arguments in the GPR are illustrated with case material drawn from all over the world.

Koenraad Van Brabant