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ODI Annual Report 2013-2014: global to local action to make a difference



​This is a pivotal moment for international development, as the global community sets out its post-2015 development goals, grapples with climate change and tries to create a more effective humanitarian system. It is also a moment of opportunity to build on past development gains, to combat inequality, develop more inclusive societies, pursue low-carbon growth and give people a real say in the decisions that affect their lives.

In such an uncertain world, there is a premium on evidence-based research that offers practical solutions to real problems. As one of the world’s leading think tanks on development, ODI is primed to inform and influence the policies, practices and public debates that are needed so urgently at this watershed moment. Our challenge is to find solutions to international problems while engaging with national policy-makers and other actors in developing countries. 

In short, we need to think globally and engage locally.

This report outlines our 2013–2014 impact on our five strategic priorities, building on a combination of research, advice, convening and communication.