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New Approaches to Planning

Working papers

Written by Simon Maxwell

This chapter addresses the question of multisectoral planning, taking up the pillars of the Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF) that call for a long-term, holistic approach and, to a lesser extent, a focus on results. While we have been here before, without great success, we now have new planning models that may help planners avoid the pitfalls of the past. This chapter looks at previous experience with multisectoral, holistic planning in integrated rural development, river basin management, multisectoral approaches to nutrition, national food security, and poverty reduction, on the public sector side, to industrial organization on the private sector side. This review has exposed many common problems, some of which resonate with the CDF: overly ambitious goals, too much emphasis on data collection at the expense of implementation, imposition of new administrative structures, political naivete about the scope for genuine consensus, poor quality dialogue between donors and recipients, and a lack of linkage between planning and implementation.

Simon Maxwell, Tim Conway