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National workshop on rice production in Ghana

Working papers

The papers presented here formed the formal framework for discussion during a three day workshop held as part of the Multi-Agency Partnerships research project which is investigating technical change in West African agriculture through the study of rice production systems in Mali, Nigeria and Ghana. Rice surveys are currently being carried out in all three countries and will be used to analyse the comparative constraints to rice production systems throughout the region. The workshop drew together rice farmers, researchers, students and officials from the ministry of agriculture to discuss both the ongoing research and lessons that could be learned from current practice. The interaction and participation by rice farmers, their community groups and representatives provided a particularly positive forum for raising the diverse elements of rice production in the various local and cultural contexts throughout Ghana. These papers will provide a useful overview of many of the key issues affecting rice production in Ghana today and illustrate the characteristics of indigenous rice production and a number of examples of technical change that are being implemented in practice through the development of both strong group co-ordination and strengthened links between relevant institutions.