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  1. Infographics: Principled Aid Index 2020

  2. Infographics: financing the reduction of extreme poverty post-Covid-19

  3. Infographic: empowering women in the world of work

  4. Infographic: improving water security through social protection

  5. Infographic: gender-responsive social protection systems

  6. Gender, Age And Disability Data Gaps In The SDGs

  7. Infographics: human mobility in cities

  8. Infographic: conceptual framework for education planning and response in crises

  9. Graphs: financing the end of extreme poverty 2019

  10. Infographics: financing the end of extreme poverty 2019

  11. Tracking G20 coal subsidies

  12. Investment in human capital is not reaching the poorest people

  13. Child poverty, disasters and climate change

  14. Which aid donors are the most principled?

  15. Demographic shifts, older women and work

  16. Migration and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: an interactive tool

  17. How government interventions are supporting coal mining and coal power in India

  18. Video infographic: technology, migration and the 2030 Agenda

  19. Video infographic: decent work, migration and the 2030 Agenda

  20. How can we finance the end of extreme poverty?