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Mobilising private finance for climate compatible development: a diagnostic tool for mapping incentives and investment

Research report

Written by Shelagh Whitley, Marigold Norman

Research report

The Paris Agreement adopted at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in 2015 urges developed country parties to scale up their level of financial support.

This paper provides an updated and final methodology to support governments and development partners seeking to understand the role of public support in mobilising private finance for climate-compatible development (CCD).

The first aim of this methodology is to fill key information gaps about regulatory, economic and information incentives and investment at country and sector level in climate-relevant sectors.

The second is to enhance understanding of how public support through finance and wider incentives (both domestic and international) is linked to private investment in CCD.

Thus far, this approach has been applied to look at the energy sector in Uganda, the agriculture sectors in Zambia and Ghana, and the transport sector and water and sanitation sector in Viet Nam.

Shelagh Whitley, Nella Canales Trujillo and Marigold Norman