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Mobilisation and effective use of domestic resources for a transformative post-2015 agenda

Briefing/policy papers

Written by Dirk Willem te Velde

​This briefing discusses how to make domestic resources work for a transformative post-2015 agenda. We define domestic resources as government revenues and domestic private finance (or savings). Domestic resources have grown in various developing countries and groupings both compared to gross domestic product and compared to other financial flows considered in the post-2015 context. The challenge is how to use domestic resources for a post-2015 agenda which is transformative in nature. This represents a marked change from the Millennium Development Goals debate which tended to assume that aid can fill gaps in social sectors, towards a post-2015 framework that aims to use the range of financial resources and non-financial means of implementation for a set of transformations (including from low productivity to high productivity, from high carbon to low carbon and from high inequalities to low inequalities). Such an ambitious agenda will rely to a large extent on mobilising and using domestic resources, although there remain special roles for aid, remittances and international capital flows.
Dirk Willem te Velde