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Migration and displacement: our approach and priorities


Hero image description: Life in Adi Harush refugee camp, Ethiopia, 2016 Image credit:Gabriel Pecot Image license:CC-BY-NC-ND

This brochure outlines the aims and focus areas of ODI's work on migration and displacement.

What we do and aim to achieve

Migration is – and always has been – a fundamental part of human life.

Historically, such mobility has contributed to development, growth and more broadly to economic and social change for individuals and societies.

Yet managing global migration and displacement is not without its challenges. Host countries are struggling to find effective ways to deal with large movements of people, whether voluntary or forced, and to address concerns around integration. Source countries are not always able to reap the full benefits of migration. And millions of people are stuck in situations of protracted displacement. Our research, policy engagement and public affairs examine how we can meet these global challenges. Our focus is on how to better manage human mobility through realistic and sustainable actions.

Migration and displacement are currently very high up on the political and policy agendas of national governments, donor agencies and international organisations. This gives us a unique opportunity to influence these agendas and help reshape the international governance of migration and displacement, through the Global Compacts on Migration and Refugees, and through national and local engagement. We do so by combining innovative and policy-relevant research with strategic convening amongst key and influential actors and outreach to a variety of audiences.

This document was first published on December 2016, and updated in June 2017.