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Mental health and psychosocial service provision for adolescent girls in post-conflict settings: the case of the Gaza Strip

Research reports

Written by Nicola Jones, Fiona Samuels

The study explores how the conflict in Gaza has affected the psychosocial and mental health status of adolescents, and particularly adolescent girls. It looks in depth at the coping strategies adolescents use at the individual, household and community levels, the current level of service provision (including the role of health workers in shaping adolescent service provision), and adolescents access to and uptake of available psychosocial and mental health services. The study’s conclusions and recommendations are designed to help stakeholders develop strategies and interventions that are appropriate and responsive to adolescents’ mental health and psychosocial needs, in normalised as well as post-conflict situations. The study also adds to the body of literature on this relatively neglected area.

Bassam Abu Hamad, Nicola Jones, Nadia Al Bayoumi and Fiona Samuels