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The Mayors' Dialogue on Growth and Solidarity: framing paper

Briefing/policy papers

Briefing/policy papers

This framing paper introduces the Africa-Europe Mayors' Dialogue (formerly the Mayors' Dialogue on Growth and Solidarity). Launched by the mayors of Freetown and Milan, and with 20 participating cities from Africa and Europe, the Dialogue will deliver a joint vision, practical actions, and operational partnerships to make the most of the reality of human mobility and support development for urban communities across the two continents.

Key messages

  • Mayors and city administrations have a growing role in addressing global challenges and advancing international goals and regional policy agendas. As the level of government most directly accountable to their residents, they have the impetus to act and solutions to offer and are increasingly vocal on issues that directly affect local communities, including the opportunities and challenges presented by human mobility.
  • As countries grapple with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic – and face the prospect of further shocks, including those propelled by climate change – cities can chart a path forward by supporting and testing innovations to achieve more inclusive local governance, access to basic services for all, the transition to a green economy, and fairer, more equitable trade and mobility between Africa and Europe.

For feedback or questions about this framing paper please email [email protected].

Author: Sarah Rosengaertner