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The Mayors' Dialogue on Growth and Solidarity: city profiles

Briefing/policy paper

Written by Claire Kumar, Hannah Postel, Elsa Oommen, Avery Parsons Grayson

Briefing/policy paper

These profiles provide a snapshot of cities participating in the Africa-Europe Mayors' Dialogue (formerly the Mayors' Dialogue on Growth and Solidarity); with an overview of each city’s socioeconomic context, migration profile and governance structure. The profiles cover the following cities: Accra, Agadez, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bristol, Dakar, Durban, Freetown, Hamburg, Helsinki, Kampala, Kanifing, Kigali, Lisbon, Mannheim, Maputo, Milan, Paris, Tunis and Zürich.

The Dialogue is a city-led initiative that will deliver innovative and practical solutions for human mobility in African and European cities. It aims to improve the lives of all urban residents, including migrants, and help redress the power imbalances that persist between the two continents. Other cities across Africa and Europe will join the Dialogue throughout 2021.