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Making the G7 summit a success


Written by Sara Pantuliano, Mark Miller, Maximiliano Mendez-Parra, Chris Humphrey, Sarah Colenbrander, Tim Kelsall, Alina Rocha Menocal, Pilar Domingo


Next week, the UK hosts the G7 summit in Cornwall. The UK government is promising an ambitious agenda to ‘fight and then build back better from coronavirus and create a greener, more prosperous future’. The agenda will wrestle with key global challenges, with different ministerial tracks promising to promote prosperity and free trade, protect health and resilience against pandemics, protect the planet and champion shared values of democracy and human rights.

The summit is taking place with multilateralism at a low ebb after a year in which national interest has repeatedly trumped collaboration. The international reputation of the UK itself is also under the spotlight.

In this series of essays, ODI experts set out their perspectives on how the UK as host and the G7 nations as a group could frame a more ambitious and positive vision for addressing major global challenges.