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Macro-economic stabilisation in Jamaica: The lessons of recent experience

Working paper

Working paper

This Working Paper examines the causes of disequilibria in the Jamaican economy. It is part of a larger study on Jamaica prepared for an ODI Research Project on 'Macro-economic Stabilisation, Income Distribution and Poverty'.

The chapters are as follows:

1. The Decades of the 1950s and 1960s

2. The 1970s: A Period of Decline

3. Domestic and External Disequilibria: 1972-76

4. Relations with the IMF: 1976-80

5. The 1981 Extended Fund Facility Programme

6. The 1982 Economic Performance

7. The 1983 Economic Performance

8. The Policy Response in 1984

9. A Review of Policy 1981-84

10. Performance in 1985

11. Conclusions.

Derick Boyd