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Literature review: What have we learnt about donors’ support for democratic development?


Written by Marta Foresti, Daniel Harris, Pilar Domingo


This literature review is a key output of an overall evaluation of the results of Norwegian support to democratic development through the United Nations (UN).

Its purpose is to provide an overview of the knowledge base in order to generate the foundations for the analytical framework and methodology to be applied in the field, based on seven dimensions of democratic development support: human rights; justice and the rule of law; parliaments and watchdog organisations; electoral assistance; gender and democracy; promotion of democracy; and the media and access to information.

It also represents a key reference document for the evaluation team regarding current knowledge on ‘what works, what doesn’t and why’.

Marta Foresti and Daniel Harris with Hannes Berts, Vegard Bye, Arne Disch, Pilar Domingo, Liv Moberg, Hanne Lotte Moen, Manolo Sanchez and Endre Vigeland