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Kasambahay (domestic worker) program: working together towards a Magna Carta for Filipino domestic workers

Research reports

Only a decade ago was the issue of domestic workers made public by the Visayan Forum Foundation's (VF) Kasambahay (domestic worker) Program, which pioneered the work on child domestic labour and domestic workers as a sector in the Philippines. In September 2004, with the program's continuous engagement with local government units, the local government of Quezon City, the largest of Metro Manila's cities (in population and land area), committed to facilitate the passing of a kasambahay ordinance. And, in the first ever Domestic Workers Summit in September 2005, Filipino domestic workers were recognised as the 'invisible engine' of the Philippine economy (maximising private households' productivity by freeing additional manpower into the labour market at a time when women have increasingly joined the workforce).

Richard G. Valenzuela