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Job creation impact study: Bugoye Hydropower Plant, Uganda

Research report

Written by Andrew Scott, Emily Darko, Prachi Seth

Research report

This study looks at the job creation impact of the Bugoye Hydro Power Project (BHPP) in Uganda. The purpose of the study is to enable the Private Infrastructure Development Group to understand the impact that the project has had on jobs and to help develop a methodology for similar studies on other projects.

Bugoye Hydro Power Project (BHPP) is a 13 MW run-of-river hydro plant, located in Kasese District, western Uganda. The study assessed the net direct, indirect and induced employment effects of the project, following an approach modelled on a methodology developed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC). This methodology was adapted to the circumstances of Uganda and of the project, in particular to take account of limitations in the quality and availability of data.

Andrew Scott, Emily Darko, Prachi Seth and Juan-Pablo Rud