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Irrigation Management Network papers 1990



The Irrigation Management Network represents a world-wide network of researchers and administrators interested in the issues of irrigation management and irrigation schemes. This series of papers covers 1990.

Articles featured in these issues include:

  • Variability in Water Supply, Incomes and Fees: Illustrations of Vicious Circles from Sudan and Zimbabwe by Mary Tiffen
  • The Operation and Maintenance of a Pilot Rehabilitated Zone in the Office du Niger, Mali by J Jaujay
  • The Design of Farmer Managed Irrigation Systems: Experiences from Zimbabwe by J M Makadho
  • Irrigation Service Fees in Asia by Leslie E Small
  • Design for Sustainable Farmer Managed Irrigation Schemes in Sub-Saharan Africa by J J Speelman
  • Farmer Participation in Planning, Implementation and Operation of Small-Scale Irrigation Projects by fan Smout
  • Reading, Writing and Cultivating: The Role of Literacy in Irrigation by Juliet Millican
  • Estimating the Economic Profitability of Irrigation: The Case of Brazil by The FAO Investment Centre
  • Tank Irrigation in South India: What Next? by K Palanisami
  • Interactions Between Technical Infrastructure and Management by L Horst
  • Irrigation Allocation Problems at Tertiary Level in Pakistan by M Akhtar Bhatti and Jacob W Kijne
  • Sustainable Development of Groundwater Resources: Lessons from Amrapur and Husseinabad Villages, India by Tushaar Shah
  • The Politics of Water Scarcity: Irrigation and Water Supply in the Mountains of the Yemen Republic by Linden Vincent
  • Perspectives on the Middle East Water Crisis: Analysing Water Scarcity Problems in Jordan and Israel by Richard Sexton.