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Irrigation Management Network papers 1988–1989



The Irrigation Management Network represents a world-wide network of researchers and administrators interested in the issues of irrigation management and irrigation schemes. Papers in this series covers 1988–1989. 

Articles featured in these issues include:

  • Improving Water Management in Developing Countries: a Question of Training by Martin Burton
  • Developing Partnership in the Management of Irrigation System by A M Ferrer and L C Lucero
  • Major Features of Moroccan Large-Scale Irrigation Projects Mohamed Ait-Kadi
  • Strategy Development in IIMI by Roberto Lenton
  • Development of Well Irrigation In Canal Commands: The Prospects and Some Emerging Issues by Venkata Reddy
  • Environmental Aspects of Groundwater Developments In Bangladesh: An Overview by L R Khan
  • Irrigation Management in South India: The Approach of the National Water Management Project by Jeremy Berkoff
  • Maintenance before Management: A New Strategy by Mick Moore
  • Some Comments on Measures of Inequity In Irrigation Distribution by Raj an K Sampath
  • Identification of Causes of Poor Performance of a Typical Large-sized Irrigation Scheme in South China by Mao Zhi
  • Rehabilitation of Communal Irrigation Schemes in Nepal by Nasiruddin Ansari
  • Economic Returns to Operation and Maintenance Expenditure in Different Components of the Irrigation
  • System in Pakistan by Muhammad A Chaudhry and Mubarik AH
  • Irrigation and Water Management for Diversified Cropping in Rice Irrigation Systems: Major Issues and Concerns by S I Bhuiyan
  • Equity Considerations in the Modernization of Irrigation Systems by Gilbert E Levine & E Walter Coward, Jr
  • Second Approximations: Unplanned Farmer Contributions to Irrigation Design by Douglas L Vermillion
  • Tubewell Irrigation in Bangladesh by James Morton
  • Irrigation Charges in the Barind Integrated Area Development Project: A New Approach by M Asaduzzaman