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Irrigation Management Network papers 1983–1985


The Irrigation Management Network represents a world-wide network of researchers and administrators interested in the issues of irrigation management and irrigation schemes. This series of papers covers 1983–1985. 

Articles featured in these issues include:

  • Land tenure in irrigation planning: two examples
  • Irrigation systems – alternative design concepts
  • One season of 'integrated water management' in Andhra Pradesh
  • Non-agricultural uses of irrigation systems: past experience and implications for planning and design
  • Using indigenous skills and institutions in small-scale irrigation: an example from Senegal
  • Assistance needs of water user associations in their first years – the example of Pochampad
  • The role of farmers in decision making on irrigation systems
  • Alternative design concepts for irrigation systems
  • Evaluation of irrigation design – a debate
  • Farmers' associations – making them effective or making them unnecessary
  • World bank irrigation experience
  • Assisting villagers to build their own irrigation scheme – an example from Thailand
  • Benefits and problems with unconventional design
  • Groundwater development in Bangladesh – farmer organisation and choice of irrigation technology
  • Developing the role of farmers associations in Sri Lanka and northern Thailand
  • Designing for easy maintenance
  • Tank irrigation in India and Thailand: problems and prospects
  • Introduction to discussion on water rates
  • The management of pad! Irrigation systems – a debate
  • Improved irrigation management why involve farmers?
  • Transforming ground water markets into powerful instruments of small farmer development: lessons from the Punjab, Utter Pradesh and Gujarat
  • Cost recovery and tariffs: a discussion
  • Institution development issues in rural projects
  • Identification and utilization of farmer resources in irrigation development: a guide for rapid appraisal
  • Institutional aspects of operation and maintenance for irrigated paddy production in Korea
  • An application of spreadsheet software to water management.