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Irrigation Management Network papers 1975–1981



The Irrigation Management Network represents a world-wide network of researchers and administrators interested in the issues of irrigation management and irrigation schemes. This series of papers covers 1975-81. 

Articles featured in these issues include:

  • Some propositions about irrigation project and system management
  • Solve basic problems of evaluating irrigation management
  • Skills, functions and organisational forms in relation to project and system characteristics
  • Commonwealth workshop on irrigation management (17–27 October 1978)
  • Evaluating the organisation and Management of Irrigated Agriculture
  • New irrigation schemes: planning, design and social impact
  • Irrigation in Egypt, past and present
  • Who gets a last rural resource? The potential and challenge of lift irrigation for the rural poor
  • Field experimentation and generalisation in irrigation
  • Development and management
  • Promoting participatory management on small irrigation schemes; an experiment from the Philippines
  • Guidelines for identifying and appraising communal irrigation schemes
  • Two approaches to tertiary command developments design office v. participatory field survey
  • A note on the relationship between action research and other forms of engineering research.