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Innovations in service delivery: international experience in low-density countries

Research reports

Written by Leni Wild, Victoria Chambers, Marta Foresti

​Delivering government services in areas of low population density, particularly where there has been experience of conflict or insecurity, and where there may be diverse and nomadic populations, can pose significant challenges. One such obstacle is the high prevalence of hard-to-reach populations living in physically remote areas. More fundamentally, in many of these contexts the state is either absent or perceived as remote, and this in turn can reinforce a sense of mistrust and undermine state–community relations. This means that approaches to delivering services in low-density areas require a combination of innovative features to address a broad range of challenges.

This review highlights a range of these innovative approaches to delivering services in low-density areas, with an emphasis on ensuring a positive state presence, improving the interface between service providers and local populations, and contributing to improved trust.

This report is available in English and French

Victoria Chambers, Leni Wild and Marta Foresti