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Innovation and Research Focus



The principal aim of Innovation & Research Focus is to promote the application of research in building and civil engineering.
Supported by many organisations in the British construction industry, its brief articles on current research are written for practising engineers, architects, surveyors and their clients with the objective of disseminating research news as widely as possible. Its sponsors wish to promote the benefits of research, improve contacts between industry and researchers, encourage investment by industry in research and the use of research in practice, and facilitate collaboration between all the parties involved.

Formally, Innovation & Research Focus is an unrestricted newsletter containing invited factual records or case studies of building or civil engineering research projects. Articles may be reproduced, provided the source is aknowledged.

Innovation and Research Focus is not only available on this website but also circulated in printed form to all Chartered Civil Engineers - overseas as well as in the UK - and to all sponsors for their own distribution. In addition, there is a small list of extra recipients who have expressly requested a physical copy in addition to access to the website. Circulation is more than 45000.