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Humanitarian Policy Group Annual Report 2017–18


The Humanitarian Policy Group (HPG) Annual Report summarises our principal research and non-research work in 2017–18, during which we embarked on a two-year Integrated Programme (IP) of research on local humanitarian action. Our work explored concepts such as ‘local capacity’, ‘dignity’ and ‘complementarity’ to better inform how international and local organisations might work in mutually supporting ways.

Outside of the IP, HPG continued to interrogate humanitarian system reform through our evaluation of the second year of the Grand Bargain, and by analysing the impact of major cash assistance programmes. We developed a robust series of case studies on the chilling effects of measures to counter terrorist financing on humanitarian action in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Somalia, Syria and Yemen; examined migration out of Darfur; and provided real-time humanitarian policy analysis and advice to inform the response to the Rohingya refugee crisis. 

We engaged with humanitarian practitioners through the Humanitarian Practice Network, and promoted academic debate within the sector through editorship of Disasters journal, and through our senior-level course on conflict and humanitarian response. 

As part of our extensive programme of communications and public affairs, we hosted 19 conferences, courses, roundtables and public events. Topics included the impact of bank de-risking on humanitarian operations in Yemen, the Rohingya crisis and the role of private sector innovation in humanitarian financing. Our staff spoke at 88 external events in 16 countries, and we received global media coverage highlighting our ongoing research whilst raising awareness of under-reported emergencies.