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Humanitarian Policy Group Annual Report 2013-2014

Research reports

Humanitarian action has seen dramatic change over recent years. With an increasingly diverse set of donors, aid agencies and types of responders, the shifting landscape of humanitarian aid is the new reality of humanitarian response.

The nature of these changes, and what they mean for the traditional sector and the future of humanitarian action, has formed the core of our work over the last year.

This annual report shares the highlights of our work over the last year, including our influential reseach into humanitarian negotiations with armed groups, the history of humanitarian action, protection of civilians and resilience and livelihoods.

Reflecting our role as a leading body of experts on humanitarian issues, we have provided policy analysis to humanitarian organisations, donors, government bodies, regional organisations and international institutions on a range of critical humanitarian debates and crises.

Our vibrant public affairs programme has seen nearly 40 events, roundtables and conferences over the last year, held in nine different countries including China, Jordan, Mali, Pakistan and Turkey.