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Humanitarian Policy Group Annual Report 2011-2012


The past year has seen numerous challenges and changes for the humanitarian sector. By responding to the latest crises, examining shifts in the humanitarian landscape and providing innovative new thinking on humanitarian issues, HPG has continued to be at the centre of contemporary discourse around international humanitarian action.

HPG’s 2011-12 Annual Report presents the team’s growing body of work. Over the past year, HPG has established diverse global partnerships, explored critical debates and acted as a catalyst for more effective and inclusive humanitarian action. HPG’s work has consistently and effectively influenced humanitarian policy and practice while increasing understanding of contemporary humanitarian issues through its public affairs and media work.

Highlights include HPG’s publications on the effects of counter-terror legislation on humanitarian action, a critical look at the current debate on humanitarian space, and an examination of the systemic flaws in the humanitarian system that continue to prevent effective response to chronic food insecurity.

This annual report details HPG’s achievements over the past year and its ambitions for the next.