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How does Nepal’s Child Grant work for Dalit children and their families?

Research reports

Written by Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Richard Mallett

Research reports

​Social protection has become an increasingly prominent public policy tool in Nepal over the past two decades. Social protection, particularly social insurance, has a long history in the country, with social transfers even provided throughout the Maoist insurgency between 1996 and 2000.

The Child Grant is targeted at all households with children aged up to five years in the Karnali Zone and at poor Dalit households in the rest of the country. Launched in 2009 and covering around 20% of Nepal's children, it is seen as a key mechanism to support children in the government's draft National Framework for Social Protection. 

This study focuses on two districts; Bajura and Saptari, using a mixed-method approach to identify implementation barriers and recommend ways to improve effectiveness of the Grant.

Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Richard Mallett and Anita Ghimire