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HIV and Emergencies - Haiti

Research reports

Written by Fiona Samuels

Research reports

ODI, in partnership with WFP and supported by UNAIDS, is carrying out a study on HIV and emergencies. The study is in 2 phases: the first phase involves which is complete (see Samuels and Proudlock, 2007) is a literature review that aims to review existing literature on HIV and emergencies; and develop a conceptual and operational framework for thinking about HIV in emergencies situations. This  report focuses on the Haiti country case study. Haiti was selected for a number of reasons: it has faced decades of overlapping emergencies, i.e. recurring natural disasters (cyclones and flooding) and political instability leading to periods of severe violence and conflict. It also has a long history with HIV with the first cases being reported in the 1980s - it has the highest HIV prevalence rate outside Africa. Finally, it was important to have a case study in the Americas in order to explore the themes of interest to this study in this particular geographical and cultural context.

Fiona Samuels and Helen Spraos