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HIV and Emergencies - Central African Republic

Research reports

Research reports

ODI, in partnership with WFP and supported by UNAIDS, is carrying out a study on HIV and emergencies. The study aims to assess the impact, which different types of emergency situations
have on people living with HIV (PLHIV), HIV-related services and vulnerabilities to new HIV infections. This report focuses on the CAR country case study. After providing an explanation of the methodology used for the study, this report gives an overview of the country context, paying particular attention to the development of the HIV epidemic and of the emergency situation. It subsequently takes a brief look at the emergency response and the extent to which this has incorporated HIV before attempting to identify some of the key impacts the humanitarian situation has had on HIV. It concludes with some findings and accompanying recommendations for tackling HIV related vulnerabilities and subsequent coping in the Central African context more effectively

Helen Spraos, Aminata Kom, Maxime Biampeng