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Harmonisation and Alignment in Water Sector Programmes and Initiatives

Research reports

Research reports

This Good Practice Paper (GPP) aims at addressing the following three major issues: (a) to present an overview of lessons learned and experiences gained with achieving harmonisation and alignment (H/A) in practice; (b) to give insights into why and how achievements have been accomplished; and (c) to provide guidance and operational recommendations. The GPP draws on experiences and lessons learned in Danida country programmes with water programmes and components and under a specific multilateral initiative. It is based on a literature review of Danida’s programme and component documents as well as on broader international experience of H/A. Interviews have been conducted with Danida staff in Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia and with the AfDB in Tunisia, a circulated email questionnaire and a broader discussion with other development agencies where relevant and feasible.

Katharina Welle, Alan Nicol and Frank van Steenbergen