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Government institutions, public expenditure and the role of development partners: Meeting Kenya's environmental challenges

Research reports

Written by Neil Bird

Research reports

This study, produced on behalf of the Danish Embassy – Nairobi, looks at the present arrangements within the public administration in Kenya that aim to safeguard the natural environment.

Existing strategy documents, institutional structures and current financing levels are all reviewed to assess the response that they provide to the many environmental challenges facing the country. At a time of widespread food shortages related to prevailing drought conditions there is urgent need for efficient and effective public action on the environment.

Much effort has gone into various institutional reform processes in recent years. New institutions have been created and additional funding sources developed. The rise of internally generated revenue, as a major source of funding for environmental agencies is noteworthy, although this has brought with it a range of operational challenges and diverts attention away from an important source of funding for these organisations, namely government’s recurrent budget.

Neil Bird and Njeru Kirira