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Globalisation and Trade: Implications for Exports from Marginalised Economies

Book/book chapter

Book/book chapter

Many countries, mostly poor developing or transitional economies, appear not to be benefiting from the expansion in the international trade associated with globalisation. Most of these economies have been implementing the economic policy reforms, especially trade liberalisation, predicted to help them share in globalisation. Nevertheless, the growth response of exports has been slow. A four-year 'Trade and Enterprise Research Programme' financed by DfID examined possible explanations for this slow export supply response. The various projects explored some of the obstacles and opportunities to increasing exports from countries in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and the former Soviet Union (FSU). Important findings have emphasised the need to invest in labour productivity and improved infrastructure, the importance of ownership and management structures, and the role of global buyers and distribution networks. The papers collected in this volume report the results of research on these issues.

Oliver Morrissey and Igor Filatotchev