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Getting it together: institutional arrangements for coordination and stakeholder engagement in climate finance

Research report

Written by Smita Nakhooda

Research report

‚ÄčAdapting to and mitigating climate change will affect most sectors of our economies. Addressing this problem will require us to rethink our future investment trajectories across the board. Many government agencies and institutions are involved, as well as businesses, civil society, local institutions and communities. Each one of these has its own particular mandates, interests and priorities. Many countries have begun to establish institutional arrangements to direct public finance and investment towards solutions to climate change.

This paper analyses the arrangements that have emerged in Colombia, India, Indonesia, the United Kingdom (UK) and Zambia to draw lessons on the conditions that facilitate or impede coordination across institutions and actors. It seeks to deepen our understanding of what drives existing arrangements for coordination around climate change-related policy and climate finance.

Smita Nakhooda and Vyoma Jha