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From local to national: supporting local government action in climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and development planning

Briefing/policy paper

Briefing/policy paper

This ACCRA brief summarises learning from the  research and capacity-building activities conducted by the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) in three sites in Ethiopia in 2010-11. The brief provides some recommendations for local government and  explains why adaptation planning matters, why community participation is vital and examines key areas where planning and decision-making could be improved.

Recommendations suggest:

  • Strengthening capacity for  disaster risk management (DRM) and climate change adaptation (CCA) planning and cross-sectoral coordination at local level
  • Identifying  a clear methodology for implementing participatory DRM and CCA planning at wereda level.
  • Ensuring women and marginalised groups are involved in planning
  • Using climate finance to develop longer-term, decentralised funding mechanisms that ensure communities and wereda develop and own the implementation of long-term adaptation plans.
  • Ensuring contingency finance can be used to link to all aspects of the disaster cycle