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From decline to recovery: post-primary education in Mongolia

Research reports

Written by Annalisa Prizzon

This case study explores how Mongolia rebuilt its education system, focusing particularly on the substantial progress in extending higher levels of schooling. Four key factors are seen to have driven improvements in post-primary education: the high societal value placed on education and qualifications; major investment by the Government of Mongolia in education; governance reforms in the sector; and, finally, external support from development partners. 

Challenges of course remain. The principal one is that progress on education quality has failed to match the progress made on enrolment – a major stumbling block for students making the transition from school to work. Even so, Mongolia’s progress on extending secondary and tertiary education can provide important lessons to other countries facing similar pressures of economic shock, demographic transition and rural-to-urban migration.

Jakob Engel and Annalisa Prizzon with Gerelmaa Amgaabazar