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Fostering innovation and entrepreneurialism in public sector reform


Written by Clare Cummings


There is growing recognition within the international development sector that there is a need for a new, more effective approach to engaging in public sector reform.

This article builds on an emerging body of work that advocates more entrepreneurial and adaptive public sector reform programming. Drawing on knowledge and theory from public sector management, psychology and entrepreneurialism, this article aims to understand what motivates public sector workers to work entrepreneurially and suggest how these ideas can be applied to the way in which international development agencies engage in public sector reform work.

This requires a shift in thinking from predesigned, large, externally led programmes promoting international best practice to interventions in which agencies adopt the role of a facilitator, helping to establish the enabling conditions for local partners to work entrepreneurially, developing their own solutions to the problems that they identify in their work.

(This publication is available from the Wiley Online Library with a paid prescription.)

Clare Cummings