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Foreign Aid and Development: Lessons Learnt and Directions for the Future

Book/book chapter

Aid has worked in the past but can be made to work better in the future. In this important new book, leading economists and political scientists, including experienced aid practitioners, re-examine foreign aid, The evolution of development doctrine over the past fifty years is critically investigated, and conventional wisdom and current practice is challenged. As well as offering important new research material, the book opens up new directions for future practice and policy. It will be of vital interest to those working in economics, politics, and development studies, as well as governmental and aid professionals. 'Here at last is a comprehensive, stimulating, balanced and up-to-date analysis of the current state of donor debates and disagreements over the roles, effectiveness and future of foreign aid. Its broad coverage and variety of authors, and its consistently constructive, even when critical, approaches should make it an obvious starting-point for all students and policy-makers embarking upon work in this sphere'. Gerry Helleiner.

Finn Tarp (ed.)