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Fodder Bank Testing among Fulani Agropastoralists in Central Nigeria: Feeding Decisions in the use of Improved Forages

Research reports

Research reports

The value of producer participation in technology development is increasingly evident.  The appropriateness of technologies as perceived by local producers determine their motivation to accept change (Hildebrand, 1980-81) Their own evaluation criteria are the critical determinants of technology access (Rhoades and Booth, 1982; Lightfoot, 1984; Tripp, 1985).  This paper presents findings gathered during a formative evaluation of producer reactions to on-farm trials conducted by the Sub-humid Zone Program (SHZP) of the Internaitonal Livestock Centre for Africa (ILCA).  Documentation of Fulani behaviour as they invented their own resources in the forage improvement provided information for modifying research recommendations to be congruent with producer objectives and circumstances.

Ellen Taylor-Powell