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Evidence-informed policy-making toolkit


Written by Caroline Cassidy


This toolkit deals with how to find, evaluate and communicate evidence for policy. It is for mid-level civil servants and parliamentary staff in developing countries, to build their skills and knowledge for evidence-informed policy-making.

The toolkit was developed in collaboration with policy-makers and researchers in Ghana and Zimbabwe, and draws on experiences in Argentina, South Africa, Sudan and Uganda. 

It covers four key areas:

  • Introduction to evidence-informed policy-making: different types of evidence, who uses them and why.
  • A complete search strategy: how to access different evidence types in developing countries.
  • Assessing evidence: how to analyse source credibility, bias and quality.
  • Communicating evidence: tailoring messages for decision-makers, writing policy briefs and presentations.

The full course comprises four modules, which make up 8-10 days of training. Each module has a trainer’s manual, which includes handouts, activities, presentations and readings. View and download all training course materials.

Alexander Ademokun, Annelise Dennis, Emily Hayter, Clara Richards, Laura-Elena Runceanu, Shahenda Suliman, Maria Kovacs, Jan Liebnitzky and Caroline Cassidy